Mayflower Canada is now offering their internet customers the convenience of creating their own furniture inventory online. “With more and more dual income families, consumers are quickly moving towards self service in all their purchases” said Anne Martin, President of Mayflower Canada. “For the relocating consumer, online inventories are a great time saver in the busy days before a household move. Rather than meeting multiple salespeople in their home, they are able to complete an online inventory in about 15 minutes. This furniture list instantly appears on a moving consultants screen and is then followed up with a telephone quote or an in-house estimate if required”.

Consumers really appreciate this service-some literally say they “love it!”  In fact, MovesOnline recently received the 2011 Government of Alberta’s “Consumer Champion” award. The app is also available on some BBB sites, where the customer can send the inventory to 3 competing movers for bids Don Kachur, President of MovesOnline says that the app saves moving companies significant sales costs.  In practice, about one third of all website visitors complete the online inventory. “My company, Highland Moving, saved over $5000 just in fuel costs alone, not to mention the time saving of salespeople driving to the customer’s home. A complete inventory is a perfect qualifier for our salespeople. They can decide if an in-house visit is necessary or if the move can be closed on the phone.”

“We have found that most moves, especially locals, can be sold without a sales visit” said Kachur. “Closing ratios are about equal to phone-in leads except when we decide that an in-home estimate is required to confirm the quote or close the deal. In these cases, our sales people are closing 63 % of the moves, about double the usual rate. Yes-our sales people love this new sales tool. is available to moving companies in the USA and the UK as a white label product. In other words, the app is logo’ed and colored to match the mover’s website. All that is necessary to set up the service is to redirect the “get a quote” button on your site to point to your MovesOnline pages. “It’s magical” says Kachur. “Finding 20 completed surveys on your screen on Monday morning is awesome. If you have any doubt about how the web will affect the moving business, using this app will radically change your thinking.”