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New Marketing Channel for Moving Companies



Until recently, almost all of a mover’s leads came in on the telephone, usually via the Yellow Pages. A few years ago, a second communication link to the customer arrived in the form of the internet. Consumers could now contact movers through the mover’s web page as well as by phone.
Now things are about to change again. The recent introduction of smart mobile web devices adds a third source of business for moving companies. Smart phone “apps” are now being used by an increasing number of industries to connect customers directly to a business, bypassing both the phone and the company website.

This new channel to movers will first be available to customers in the form of  Relocating consumers will download the app from iTunes and use it to input their moving requirements, including a complete household inventory.  They can then select two or three movers from the Click and Move service provider list on the app to contact and bid on their move. Movers may follow up by phone or with an in-house estimate if they wish.

Since our vision is to create a place where consumers can go to quickly and easily get competitive quotes from reliable movers, I would like the customer to be able to select from a list of participating AMSA and BBB members in their area. Smartphone apps are a completely new and separate marketing channel, and customers will use them to contact moving companies , just as they use the yellow pages and websites  to contact movers now.. Experts suggest that “Apps” will be as significant as the yellow pages and the web as a source of business for virtually all industries. (See attached graphic and video)

Our preliminary business plan is to allow the customer to download the app and submit his information to one AMSA member at no charge. The customer will be charged a small fee to submit each additional request. Movers will not be charged for leads for an initial trial period of 3months. We are attempting to get paid, to some degree, by the customers, who are the people that are raving about the convenience of the app.  

Since this is a new concept, we will need to experiment with our pricing model as we go. We will attempt to balance the fees between customer and mover, however any fee to movers will be comparatively nominal and any mover can opt out anytime they wish.

Participating AMSA and BBB members will see free leads complete with accurate inventories, arriving in their inboxes in time for spring selling.

P.S. If you have any doubts about the inevitability of the app attack on moving companies, read these comments by our customers. Listening to them is usually pretty good marketing advice. Our launch is set for mid March.


Mobile “apps” will rival yellow pages and websites as the primary source of business leads in the very near future.

This short video from the Financial Times discusses the general use of smart phone apps for business.


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