The Team


Our Philosophy – Don Kachur, President

I would like to make MovesOnline an “open source business network” – a group of movers from around the world who use our inventory generator on their websites and who will contribute to making it a more productive and efficient service for customers.

In the software business, open source means any programmer can contribute code to make the software better ( think i-phone app). In our open source business network, any business person can contribute suggestions for site improvements or sales ideas. Any suggestions to improve the site will be welcomed and we will do our best to implement any enhancements that will benefit all members.

I hope you will add MovesOnline to your regular sources of business. It will become one of the unique connections that you will share with other movers around the world who are trying to become more efficient and respected.

Go ahead. Try it.

Don Kachur, President

Don has been in the moving business his entire life. After his graduation in Philosophy from the University of Alberta, he grew a small family delivery business from a garage operation to one of the 10 largest moving companies in Canada . Don is also President and Founder of Starline Overseas Moving, Highland Moving, ReloVision Move Management Software, and MovesOnline. Don has served on the Board of the Canadian Association of Movers and United Van Lines Canada Ltd. where he also served as Chairman of the Board. Don enjoys playing tennis and golf, as well as fly-fishing, cross-country skiing and cycling.

Cindy Clarke, Director of IT & Client Care

Cindy is responsible for Highland’s processes and procedures and is the senior contact for all service related issues. Having spent 20 years of her career in various positions with Highland, combined with her information technology responsibilities, Cindy has a unique understanding of what is required in a successful move management software program. Cindy has been instrumental in the development and implementation of ReloVision, Highland’s proprietary move management software. As well as several professional development courses, Cindy holds a Delphi programming certificate from NAIT. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors and spending time at the lake with her grandchildren.

Trevor Engele, IT Specialist

Trevor came to Highland Moving 10 years ago, as our network administrator. Trevor has a thirst for anything computer related, and is a self-taught programmer, and crystal reports expert. Trevor believes that he can do anything, and he always comes through, whether its building servers, crystal reports, car engines or wooden sinks; he persists and succeeds every time! Trevor is instrumental in doing the research required to keep our hardware and software projects rolling. In his spare time he likes to hit the trails on his bicycle or cross country ski.

Information Technologists

MovesOnline shares with other divisions, the talents of a dedicated group in the company’s IT department (a.k.a. the Boys in the Batcave) This team developed ReloVision, the first Move Management Software Program for the relocation industry. The business logic of this product became an integral part of the US Military’s new DPS software system which controls the largest relocation entity in the world. MovesOnline is part of the HighStar Group located in Edmonton, Canada. For over 70 years, our family has operated domestic and overseas moving companies. In addition to the moving business, our fully staffed IT department develops software that makes our company more efficient and reliable. Products include ReloVision, a full service Move Management program, and MovesOnline which is our latest pay-as-you-go software utility. All of our software products are tested for reliability and profitability in our own company before they are released to the industry.