How it Works

Customers that take the time to complete our detailed online moving inventory are serious shippers. MovesOnline gives you the instant ability to tap into this growing consumer segment.


Employee salaries, benefits and transportation cost can run you anywhere from $40 to $90 per move. Even telephone estimates are costly, not only in employee time, but also in resolving the “he said-she said” price disputes that seem to be part and parcel of the moving business.

Enter MovesOnline, an accurate inventory of household goods, generated online by your customer.

Economical and accurate, these inventories arrive in your inbox daily, and sales staff can close the sale on the phone, or if necessary visit the customer’s home or office where they can focus on making the sales presentation instead of counting pot plants and patio chairs.

Closing sales on the phone with an accurate inventory and no sales visit! Do you think your salespeople will close more business? You bet they will!!


Because your customer has created their own inventory – in writing – there is no room for confusion about what was included in your price. In effect, you are contracting to move specific items which have been submitted in writing by customers.


Fewer misunderstandings between customer and mover. Those disputes that cannot be avoided can be dealt with factually, fairly and quickly. This product will not suit the rogue mover.