In the USA, doesn’t the FMCSA mandate that interstate moves must receive an in-house estimate?

The customer always has the right to decline an in-house visit and most do so when given the option of an easy to use web-inventory.

What is MovesOnline?

MovesOnline is a comprehensive, web-based application that allows relocating customers to fill out their house hold inventory over the web.

Moving companies receive a completed inventory broken down by room with both the weight and volume of each item.

MovesOnline offers an alternative to the traditional estimating options of in-home or over the phone surveys.

Who should add MovesOnline.com to their business solution?

Any business looking to cut cost and enhance service options in the relocation industry.

How will I be billed?

After your free trial, you will be charged per inventory. Billing is done on a monthly basis through credit card. Any inventories with a weight of 500 lbs or less will not be included in your monthly invoice.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

There are no additional fees – no monthly fees or start up fees. You are simply charged per completed inventory over 500 lbs.

Can the customer print off their inventory?

No, the customer cannot print the inventory off the MovesOnline site. Measurements are taken to ensure that the customer cannot print or view the inventory list or the weight and volume.

What kind of technology is behind MovesOnline?

MovesOnline is a web-based application built on the Microsoft DotNet Framework.

Where is my data stored? How often is it backed up?

All your data is saved and stored on an SQL database. All data is backed up on an hourly basis, taken off the site daily.

How do we know the customer will be accurate?

The customer is asking you to bid on moving specific items and your price will only apply to items those listed by the customer.

What happens if the customer has more to move than they said they had?

You will compare the list submitted by the customer with the actual inventory. You can charge more for additional items. The customer knows this and will expect to pay more.

What happens if there is less than the customer submitted?

You own company policies can deal with this, depending on whether you gave a fixed or variable price.

How many movers are we bidding against?

It depends on where the customer initially completed the inventory. If they arrived through your own website, the inventory goes to your company only. If the customer entered through the Click and Move, movers association or BBB site, the inventory will go to up to 4 other members of that organization.