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Highland Moving wins 2011 Government of Alberta Consumer Champion Award


Manmeet Bhullar, Minister of Service Alberta, presents the 2011 Consumer Champion Award to Don Kachur, President of Highland Moving and Storage Ltd.

Manmeet Bhullar, Minister of Service Alberta, presents the 2011 Consumer Champion Award to Don Kachur, President of Highland Moving and Storage Ltd.
Highland Moving was recognized by the Government of Alberta as the 2011 “Consumer Champion” for the development of, a consumer oriented web application that customers can use to solicit comparable moving quotes. The CLICKandMOVE website allows relocating customers to take a virtual room by room tour of their home and simply click on “icons” of furniture that need to be moved. This inventory is then submitted online to multiple moving companies to get accurate and comparable moving quotes. Until now, the consumer could either get estimates on the phone, which are notoriously inaccurate, or face the inconvenience of meeting with multiple salespeople to survey the contents of their home.  Not only is CLICKandMOVE a significant time saver in the busy days before a move, but it also ensures that all movers are bidding on the same household inventory, eliminating the prime source of “bait and switch” moving scams.

Highland Moving has provided reliable, honest and friendly moving service to the citizens of Alberta for over 70 years.

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    MovesOnline Blog >Highland Moving wins 2011 Government of Alberta Consumer Champion Award
  • 02 Nov

    MovesOnline Blog >Highland Moving wins 2011 Government of Alberta Consumer Champion Award
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