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Top Benefits of Using MovesOnline

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce the size of your sales team while dealing with the same amount or increased amount of leads. MovesOnline works for you as an Outside Sales team, producing detailed inventories for your customers, 24/7/365.

Faster Closing Times

Increase the quality of your leads and gain high closing ratios with faster closing times. Due to the customer being prompted to fill out the inventory, the process weans out any “tire kickers”. The completed inventories received are from customers in the purchasing phase.

More Accurate Quotes

Our reports show that inventories received through MovesOnline are more accurate than a phone estimate, and comparable in accuracy to an in-home estimate. The customer is responsible for listing their items, and those items are what are required to be moved in the final contract.

Who Uses MovesOnline?

MovesOnline is used by van lines, agents and independent movers across the globe to get accurate inventories from their customers.

United Van Lines


Mayflower Canada


Better Business Bureau


The estimator tool is fantastic, gives real pictures of what is transported – can get an accurate estimate.

Rajarajan S.

I like that you have all the pictures and it makes it really simple to kind of know what you have to pack.

Tara H.

So far, I am very impressed with the site and the ability to think through the inventory from the selections offered.

Christine P.

I’ve looked at over a dozen moving sites before finding this one and it’s the first that lets me put in an online inventory to better estimate my moving costs. I’m quite confident moving forward with your company rather than others.

Jeff H.

Very practical way of obtaining a quote by selecting the major furnitures in the house.

Julia L.

Very easy to use website. Pictures really help with demonstrating what you have.

Matthew W.

Excellent website layout! The best moving moving company site I’ve ever visited!

Amber W.

We haven’t sold our current or bought our new home yet but finding your website alleviated some of the concerns I have on moving.

Lavonne H.

All the images were a great help in remembering the less than obvious items we have to move.

Jeffery G.

Great website, super easy to use! I look forward to hearing back from you to book my move, thanks!

Holly H.